Monday, August 29, 2011


Last Thursday night, after decorating our van for the Portland to Coast Relay, I plopped down in my favorite chair only to jump back up a minute later remembering I hadn't posted anything in my blog that day.  It was Thursday, how could I forget?!?!  But I did.  And here it is Monday and I'm writing a lame post about how I forgot last Thursday.  Does being gone all weekend at PTC count?  Does Teacher In-Service starting today count?  Does that fact that I'm too tired to think of anything fabulous to write about count?  Probably not, but I'm going to fall back on one of those excuses anyway.


Question:  Crap, I can't even think of a question.  You make one up...


Lois said...

Do we offer a gracious reprieve to Dana?

Yes. As a fellow blogger (although new), I understand that sometimes you have to take time to live in the moment so that you can write about it later.

As bloggers, we want to respect our followers. Sometimes, that respect is by not posting meaningless words, but to take the extra time to gather the good stuff.

Dana said...

Thanks Lo Lo!