Monday, December 19, 2011

Survivor Finale

A great tradition I have is watching the Survivor Finale with my friend Linda and the wonderful Stewart Family. We’ve shared countless snack food filled finale nights cheering on our favorite survivor who out played, out witted and out lasted all the others.

This season my favorite was Coach. Now granted, his other two seasons I found him rather annoying, but I gravitated towards him this time around. There was something different about him on his third try for the million even though I did find his use of the words integrity, honor, family and Christian rather hypocritical.

To me Survivor is A GAME and if you have to lie, cheat and steal to get to the end then so be it. I’ve had many a scratched hand and nearly broken finger while playing a rousing game of spoons, so a little dishonesty would be nothing in a game for a million buckaroos.

I auditioned for Survivor back in the spring of 2009. I was a children’s minister at the time and I said in my audition tape, “My biggest fear is that I will drop some f-bombs or that my bathing suit top will go askew on national television and I will have to quit my job.” I did tell my senior pastor, since I considered Survivor to be a game, I would stop at nothing including lying and cheating to win the million dollars. He said as long as I planned on tithing he saw no problem with my tactics.

One of my least favorite contestants this season was Edna. That was until she spoke up during the final jury. Then she rocked and won my respect. To summarize, she basically told the jury, all the ones who had been voted off, you should be prepared to be duped when you sign up for a show like this. So, hats off to the final three cuz they did the duping and out lasted all the rest. And after all, isn’t that the point?

I think I will audition for the show again. If I get on maybe I can meet Coach. Because you see, unfortunately I now have a crush on him.

Question: You a fan? If yes, who was your favorite? Do you think Coach and I would make a good pair?


Luci said...

Sorry, I am not a fan. Sticking to Biggest Looser. Though it was different this season with out Jillian.

Dana said...

I didn't see much of this season. I didn't have a TV for the first part and then after I got one I only saw a few. I do want to watch the finale which has already aired so don't tell me who won. I'll watch it online soon.

Katie said...

I agree with this whole post! I used to despise Coach. I hated seeing that he came back not once but twice. But this season he grew on me. And Edna's statement was so accurate and to the point. I wonder if the jurors took it to heart at all. (I guess I don't agree with the crush... But the new trainer on the biggest loser is pretty cute.) :-) haha

Kayla said...

I'm so far behind on it -- so I'm glad you didn't say who won. Coach is a bit too cult leader creepy for you...maybe I just haven't seen all the shows yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch it so I don't know Coach but if he helps you leave Jack Reacher be it.

wendy said...

I thought the part about you tithing made this post especially funny. I don't watch survivor, so I can't be of any assistance otherwise. Although, if you made it through auditions, I'd for sure tune in to check for f-bombs.

Dana said...

Katie--Oh yes the new BL coach is quite cute!

Kayla--I should issue a spoiler alert.


Wendy--I can picture everyone watching it in the Crossroads Sanctuary on the big screens. My mouth would be blurred and all you'd hear is bleep.