Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. Or to be more exact, today was Thanksgiving. I was in charge of all things potato: mashed and sweet. And when I say sweet, I mean sweet. Every ingredient I put in nullified any nutritional value in the sweet potato. I was going to go the healthy route but my niece requested my casserole with the mashed up sweet potatoes mixed with sugar, brown sugar, butter and other fattening things with a mixture of brown sugar and walnut yumminess on top.

I began the day with brunch at my place with a few friends. Stuffed Baked French Toast topped the menu. It was a fun way to begin the day. When I got home from dinner with my family this evening I felt like I had either been cooking, eating or washing dishes all day. But that’s okay. I enjoyed every minute.

My oldest sister Robin, the family historian, likes to make cards and scrapbook. She greeted everyone with a nice Thanksgiving card and poem. My other sister, Chrystal, you know the one who left me stranded with pancreatitis :), likes to play games. She had everyone write down a few things they were thankful for and then we had to guess who wrote them.

Most of the thankful notes mentioned family and friends. One said chocolate. And no, that one wasn’t me. I said I was thankful for my family, friends, that I had a job and a place to live.

This has been a very difficult past six months for me, but I am not complaining. God is good and I am grateful. Very grateful. Forever grateful.

Hope you had a wonderfully thankful Thanksgiving.

Question: How did you spend your Thanksgiving?


wendy said...

we hung out with the marquez family. they've just sort of adopted us over the years. it's nice to have a place to go. and i must meet robin. we have so much in common, what with our mutual love of patterned paper and family history and all.

Luci said...

We went to Paul's parents house. All of us bring a few dishes to share. We had 9 kids and 8 adults. We have been doing this ever since all Paul's siblings go married. Like 15 years ago. So, last night it was fun to sit back and watch the cousins as close as ever play and play and play. I wonder what it will be like when they all are teenagers. SO, I had a brilliant idea as the adults sat around at talked. I said the next family gather the kids do the meal planning, cooking and cleaning. They all are really old enough to do it with some adult supervision. That way when they are teenagers they will do it all for us old folks. At least that is the plan.
On a different note. This was a hard Thanksgiving. First one with out my dad and also with out Paul's Grandma, Granny not with us. Granny passed away a couple of weeks ago. She lived with Paul's parents and was a huge part at family gatherings. So it was a hard Thanksgiving. Kinda glad it is for Christmas. SIGH.

Dana said...

Wendy- Zach is a great kid. I'm sure he made it a fun day.
Luci-I will be praying for you with this first holiday season without your dad and Paul's grandma. I am so thankful my 94 year old dad is still going strong.