Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bloom HOW You Are Planted

I was once on an airplane that lost an engine.  It was a bit scary but I didn’t feel my time had come to die.  Actually, I think I just was in denial of the seriousness of what was happening.

The flight attendant calmly re-told us all the things they usually tell you at the beginning of the flight that no one ever pays attention to.  She added that on her signal we were to put our heads down and grab our ankles. 

When the time came and she gave the signal, we all just sat frozen and stared at her, like we thought she was kidding or something.  She glared back at all the frightened faces and yelled, “DO IT!”  So, we did.  That’s life.  You gotta just do it.  Like Nike. 

The expression Bloom where you are planted is good advice.  But we also need to Bloom how we are planted.  We can’t wait until our circumstances change for the better.  Sure we would have liked to have landed the plane in a more traditional manner, but that was not an option.

If you’re single, then take advantage of the freedom you have.  If you’re married with kids, then give your children a fine example of being planted in a firm foundation.  If you’re an athlete, musician, student, nanny, computer geek, philanthropist or phlebotomist, bloom how you are planted.   If your plane only has one engine, then put your head down, grab your ankles and pray.  Just Do It.
I want to bloom HOW I am planted as a wonderfully blessed single woman.  I’m writing a memoir of my journey in singleness.  You’ll see little blips of it here and there if (when…) you come back and visit this blog.

Question:  What about you?  In what ways are you blooming HOW you are planted in this world?


Lois said...

Interesting concept - I like it. But, even as I type that, I'm grumbling about it. I can handle the "where", but the "how" is more difficult. I'd like to think I'm learning to bloom how I'm planted, but I might need to wait for the next season. I think I'm being fertilized for blooming a little bit later on. Very good example of a new interpretation on things. Keep inspiring us!

Kayla @EssentialU said...

Totally agree -- bloom where you are -- how you are planted -- and even on the rainy days with no sunshine.

Katelyn said...

I love this. This is a concept that we forget about so much. I tend to always be looking towards the future, waiting for that ONE thing (that really is about 72 things, if I'm honest) that will make me feel fulfilled.
But the fact is that here is where I am. Today is when I'm living. And God is in TODAY. Right here. Right now. So why wait to blossom until that everything is perfect? Why not blossom now?